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NECINA has 17 years of long history with entreneurship. Please visit http://www.necina.net for more information.


Here we list a few recent success stories that touch on values NECINA bring to the table from different angles:


US-China Networking Case Study: Suzhou Nano Park and NECINA


Nanopolis Suzhou is part of China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park with an estimated total investment of USD 1 billion. It is built for enterprises producing and commercializing Nano technology using a variety type of platforms.  


In November, 2011, shortly before Nano’s scheduled promotional visit to the U.S., they were connected with NECINA, who was then presented with the first challenge - to help Nano locate a local nanotech business to be Nano’s host.  NECINA officers were all encouraged to identify their resources in nanotech industry.  One NECINA officer found a friend who had connection with a Boston-based high-tech business focusing on next-generation carbon nanotube.  NECINA determined that this nanotech company was the right candidate, because Nano and this company operated in the common arena, and that there were inherited mutual interests between them.  This nanotech business agreed to become the proud host of Nano.  The Nano story perfectly fulfills NECINA’s mission as to serve as a unique bridge for American and Asian businesses.  First, NECINA understood the types of companies that would more likely be attracted to host Nano based on their potential and mutually beneficial interests.  Second, NECINA was able to leverage its rich resources to identify the nanotech business.  Third, NECINA successfully facilitated relationship between Nano, nanotech business and other interested parties.  Last but not least, nano-tech business’s visit to Nano has broaden Nano’s vision to learn about the newest commercial application, while Nano’s connecting nanotech business to Shanghai collaborator has bridged the gap as to helping US business access Chinese partners.


Successful Business Case Study: 8D World and NECINA


A couple of NECINA members are deeply involved in the success of 8D world, the creator of Wiz World Online (www.wizworldonline.com), the world’s first virtual world dedicated for global English-as-a-foreign-language learners to improve their spoken English in an immersive and highly motivating environment. Alex Wang, a current NECINA board member, is the founder and CEO. Jimmy Wang, a founding member and VP of Product Development, is a current NECINA board member and also an ex-President of NECINA.


Startup Case Study - Dreamech

John Wang had a successful business in China and recently moved to Boston in 2012 to pursue his business, Dreamech, an innovative way of connecting most cars on the road to internet for personalized service using remote vehicle diagnostics technology. After John got connected with NECINA, his business received immediate boost in networking. His Dreamech has been accepted as a partner by IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program. John is currently directing Entrepreneur Club for NECINA.


Marketing Case Study: Boston Web Power and NECINA

Boston Web Power is an innovative E-commerce platform that helps small businesses build and market their web presence within Greater Boston area using the state of art technology and a unique human touch.  The company was founded by four individuals in 2008.  Three of the founders, Xiaoyan Huang, Jenny Chen and Dayong are long time NECINA members.

On Friday, June 29, 2012, Xiaoyan and Jenny learned that Chase Bank and Living Social were co-organizing a small business grant program awarding up to $3 million to 12 small businesses with $250,000 each nationwide.  With NECINA’s marketing help, Boston Web Power successfully obtained votes needed to participate in this program. They credited NECINA members’ generous support “without the minimum votes, we wouldn’t have even had qualified for the entry!”


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